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Keira Bradley (born 1990/1991) is the current partner of Jim Bonning, father of Grace Beauchamp's friend Hugo.

In November 2016, Keira discovered that she was pregnant with Jim's child, although Hugo wasn't as enthusiastic about the idea of having a younger sibling as they'd hoped. (CAS: "About My Mother") In April the following year, Keira and Hugo were admitted after falling from a platform in a barn. It soon transpired that Hugo knew that Keira had taken abortion pills, and feared Hugo would tell his father. However, the staff soon had sympathy for her when they realised that she was showing signs of prenatal depression. (CAS: "Child of Mine")

Behind the scenes

Tessie Orange-Turner initially portrayed Keira Bradley for one episode of Casualty in 2016, and reprised her role in 2017.