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Keith Cotterill is a paramedic who worked for the Holby Ambulance Service from 1987 to 1990.

Time in the ambulance service (1987-90)

Keith was initially teamed up with Shirley Franklin from October 1987, responding to those injured in riots between the police and residents on Shirley's estate. (CAS: "The Raid") In mid November, Keith had to dash off from shift to be with his wife after she went into labour. (CAS: "Rock-a-Bye-Baby")

In September 1988, student nurse Alison McGrellis spent a night shift with Keith and Shirley and helped carry equipment when they had to abandon the ambulance and respond on foot to a patient having a stroke due to poor parking and narrow streets. (CAS: "Absolution")

One night in October 1988, Shirley was in a foul mood, stating she had problems at home as her kids were playing up and her mortgage payments had increased. She got annoyed with Keith's permanent happy outlook. Later in the shift they made up after delivering a teenage girl's baby in the back of the ambulance. (CAS: "Burn Out")

On a night shift in October 1989, Keith was forced to stretcher a young asthmatic patient in from the hospital entrance after guests at a charity ball blocked the ambulance's path to A&E; she later died in CRASH. (CAS: "Charity")

In September 1990, Keith and Vicky responded to a call out at the top of a flat to see an old man, Max Shaw. On the way up, Keith’s foot fell through the floor boards, and he spent the rest of the shift limping. Later in the shift, Keith brought pizza and crisps into the department to celebrate after delivering twins. (CAS: "Penalty")

The following week, paramedics Keith and Jane were called out to a disused site where two young drug addicts, Melissa and Mike, threatened them and stole their drugs case. (CAS: "Results")

Behind the scenes

Geoffrey Leesley portrayed Keith Cotterill on Casualty from 1987 to 1990.