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Kian Madani (198015 June 2021) was a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon at Holby City Hospital.


Early life

Circa 2001, Kian worked at a placement with Jac Naylor.

Until 2019, Kian served as a medic in Syria. (HC: "Pleased To Meet You")

Arrival at Holby City Hospital

In 2019, when asked to review a list of candidates for a vacant consultant position on Holby City Hospital's Darwin Ward, Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery Jac Naylor opted to approach Kian; he accepted the job offer. The night before Kian was scheduled to start working on Darwin, he encountered an extremely drunk man named Mark and fell asleep in his car. In the morning, Mark mistook Kian for a car thief and attacked him, but Kian was soon forced to carry Mark into the hospital after he collapsed due to a cardiac tamponade. Once Mark was out of surgery, he accused Kian of assaulting him and attempting to steal his car, resulting in Jac putting Kian on light duties. However, Kian ignored Jac's orders when Mark's condition rapidly deteriorated and rushed him into surgery. Despite Kian's insubordination, Jac believed his version of events and decided to keep him on Darwin. (HC: "Pleased To Meet You")

By the following week, Kian and Jac began to clash. When Jac wanted to perform open surgery on a patient, Kian suggested an alternative course of treatment to the patient's son. Jac berated Kian for undermining her, but she was ultimately forced to employ his treatment. (HC: "Vinegar and Honey")

Behind the scenes

Ramin Karimloo portrayed Kian in Holby City from April 2019 until June 2021.