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"Killing Me Softly" is the 556th episode of Casualty and the 15th episode of series 21. It is the first part of a two-part story which concludes in the subsequent episode "Silent Night".

With a runtime of an hour, this episode is split into three 20-minute segments depicting the events of Christmas Eve 2006 from the perspectives of three different characters — paramedic Josh Griffiths, nurse Ellen Zitek and Laura Merriman, the mother of a young patient named Rosie.


Josh's perspective

In the ED, after Josh and Dixie take a pregnant woman named Merlene into a cubicle, Merlene's partner Robbie expresses his immense appreciation towards Josh for helping her calm down and asks for his name in case the baby turns out to be a boy; Josh appreciates the gesture and assures Robbie that today is going to be "the best day of [his] life". While Charlie instructs a decorator, Josh tells him that he has left a present for Louis, but Charlie is not moved. Josh suggests that they and Louis have supper together and urges Charlie to put his grudge behind him, but Charlie is still indignant towards Josh for hitting Louis and leaves to tend to an incident in the waiting area. As Josh and Dixie leave the department after receiving a shout, Josh pauses when he notices Laura Merriman and her daughter Rosie standing in the corridor, but Dixie tells him to hurry up.

On the road, Josh and Dixie try to find a frozen pond that a woman named Marsha has fallen into; Dixie fears that Marsha has been submerged for too long and is most likely dead, but Josh insists on finding her. Fortunately, hey soon spot Marsha's young son Ashley calling for help and park the ambulance. Despite Dixie's warnings, Josh decides to go into the pond to rescue Marsha. As Josh punches his way through the ice, he sees Marsha underneath the water and dives to retrieve her. He manages to grab her and paddles his way back to land, but Josh's mind begins to drift due to hypothermia. However, after hearing Dixie call his name, Josh is quickly reanimated and continues swimming; Dixie tells him that he had scared her for a moment, but Josh repeatedly tells her to shut up.

The two paramedics soon return to the ED and wheel Marsha into resus; Josh wants to help out, but Harry tells him to "push off". While Josh dries off and warms up in a cubicle, Dixie berates him for endangering both of their lives, but he stands by his actions. After Charlie encourages Dixie to leave, he informs Josh that she intends to lodge a formal complaint against him unless he apologises to her, but Josh becomes distracted by Laura. Charlie asks him what he wants him to say to Dixie on his behalf, but Josh asserts that he does not want him to say anything. While Nathan instructs a decorator to remove a set of Christmas decorations for health and safety reasons, Josh visits Rosie's cubicle and reads her notes. Nearby, Rosie's phone starts ringing; she tells Josh that it is her father who is calling and begs him not to tell Laura. However, Laura walks in and orders Josh to leave Rosie alone.

While Charlie and Selena treat an elf with a faulty pacemaker, Josh calls Charlie away and demands to know why Rosie is being taken for a CT scan; Charlie tells him that Rosie's treatment is none of his business and orders Josh to return to his cubicle. As Rosie is rushed into resus, Josh follows and observes through the glass, but Laura catches him and angrily tells him that Rosie is about to be admitted. A worried Ashley approaches Josh and insists on visiting his mother, so he asks the resus team for permission. Harry, Selena and Tess believe that, given Marsha's dire condition, it could further traumatise Ashley, but Josh argues that, "sometimes, what you don't see is what haunts you". After careful consideration, Harry allows Josh to take Ashley into the room to see Marsha, and Ashley tearfully apologises for letting their dog off its lead and causing the accident.

After seeing Rosie in paeds resus, Josh admits to Charlie that he was wrong about Laura and Rosie, and he asserts that, if someone was as reckless as he was when his house caught fire, his family might have been saved. In Charlie's office, Josh tells him that there was a brief moment in the water where he was indifferent about the prospect of dying; Charlie is horrified by Josh's admission and urges him to take a break. Josh questions Charlie's motives, prompting Charlie to order him to go home. As the two continue arguing, Laura knocks on the door and asks for a word with Charlie. Josh falls asleep in the office, but Nathan finds and questions him about a thief stealing personal possessions from the staffroom. When Nathan suggests that Josh might have been responsible, Josh loses his temper and berates him for his apathy and detachment from the daily trials and tribulations faced in the ED.

Abs interrupts and calls Josh outside to help provide first aid to a man who had jumped from the department's first floor; Josh is shocked to find that the man in question is Robbie. As the other medics treat Robbie, Josh notices someone in the distance and pursues them.

Ellen's perspective

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Laura's perspective

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