Kim Harrison (born 1965/1966) is the mother of Iain and Gem Dean.


In February 2017, Kim was in debt to people whom she'd borrowed money from. Whilst escaping from their block of flats, Kim and Gem became embroiled in a confrontation with the men. In the scuffle, Kim fell down the gap between the stairs. She was shocked to see Iain, and he was equally worried when Lily discovered that Kim had cirrhosis of the liver as a result of heavy drinking. Whilst Kim was receiving treatment, Gem and Iain had another run-in with the men, at which point Iain offered to pay off Kim's debt. Whilst Kim was recovering, she announced that she didn't think she'd be able to beat the addiction and Iain offered up his spare room to Gem. (CAS: "Binge Britain")

In February 2019, Iain visited Kim and tried to open up to her about his terrible year. However, she was still angry with him for leaving her and Gem and told him that he wouldn't get her pity, let alone her love. Iain then solemnly bade her farewell and left. (CAS: Episode 1116) The following month, Gem visited Kim to inform her that Iain had attempted suicide. When she suggested that Kim's words pushed him over the edge, Kim asked her why, out of all the people he knew, he came to her. Overwhelmed with frustration, Gem stormed out. (CAS: Episode 1119)

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