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Kuba Trzcinski is a former porter who worked at Holby City Hospital until November 1988.


On 6 September 1986, following a gas leakage at East Docks, Kuba noticed that the victims' burns have a garlic-like scent. With the help of receptionist Susie Mercier, he found the files of a past patient with identical symptoms and identified the gas to be parathion. Kuba's suspicions were quickly proven right, and he received praise from his colleagues. (CAS: "Gas")



Ewart Plimmer

In September 1986, Kuba confided in Ewart about his interest in Miss Clements from the radiography department. (CAS: "Gas")

Charlie Fairhead

In September 1986, after identifying the gas that was leaking at East Docks to be parathion, Kuba immediately informed Charlie, but he dismissed Kuba's comments and instructed him to get on with his work. However, after Kuba's suspicions were proven correct, Charlie thanked him for finding the chemical and replaced the bouqet of flowers that was stolen from Kuba earlier during the day. (CAS: "Gas")

Behind the scenes

Christopher Rozycki portrayed Kuba in Casualty from its inception in September 1986 until November 1988.