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"Last Roll of the Dice" is the 707th episode of Casualty and the 21st episode of the 24th series.


While Adam keeps waiting by Jessica’s bedside, life goes on in the Emergency Department with exams approaching for the increasingly stressed F2s.

When May fails to impress Ruth and makes a clinical error, Ruth unleashes a barrage of anger on her mentee. Feeling low and worried May retaliates, resulting in a furious Ruth sending her home. Lenny can’t believe his luck – with May having such a rough time and Yuki unexpectedly missing, it looks like the Fellowship is in the bag.

Still raw from her confession about the abortion, Ruth has a heated conversation about May with Jay, during which he tells Ruth that she should try and be more empathetic. Brought up short by this, Ruth pays May a visit at home, where she is horrified to see May slumped in a chair, with an open bottle of wine and some pills nearby.

The Ambulance Trust has made its decision in Polly’s tribunal about Alistair’s death, but she doesn’t care either way; too scarred by events, she is determined to resign anyway. Jeff and Dixie blame each other and set out to do everything they can to change her mind.

After a long shift, the team head off to five-a-side football practice. Yuki is in disappointing form, but Charlie is delighted to be selected, despite his fitness levels. But his smile soon disappears when Shona arrives looking for the errant Louis. She has some big, life-changing news for Charlie and his son.

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