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Laura Whiting is a call handler who works at the Wyvern Ambulance Service Communications Centre. She was paramedic Iain Dean's supervisor when he worked there for a short period in April 2019.


In April 2019, Laura became Iain's supervisor when he started working half-shifts at the communications centre following his suicide attempt. After he received a call from police officer Rox Adams who found three men suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning at Milford Warehouse, Laura told him to take a break. In the staff room, she reminded him of the set questions he was required to ask and told him to be careful.

During another shift, Iain helped a young girl named Frankie who was trapped in a house fire with her abusive father and her sister Storm. Once the call ended, Laura told him to write a formal report if he had any concerns about the children's welfare. On another day, after Iain helped a pregnant woman deliver twins, Laura gave him a badge and welcomed him to the "Stork Club". He asked her if his colleague Katie was alright, and Laura explained that her boyfriend was badly injured in an accident. He questioned why nobody told him, and she asserted that he needed to concentrate on himself. She also informed him that the three men from the warehouse all survived and praised his work with Rox.

Two weeks after the incident at the warehouse, Iain volunteered to take over a call from Rox who was threatening to commit suicide, but Laura advised him not to. She eventually allowed him to talk to her, but, throughout, she reminded him to be careful with his words. He managed to get through to Rox, and Laura told Iain, who was crying, that she had been taken to safety. (CAS: Episode 1125)