Lee Harper is a man who resides in Holby.


In April 2019, a fire broke out in Lee's house. Lee ran up the stairs to get his daughters Frankie and Storm, but he fell, causing an injury. Frankie called for an ambulance, and call handler Iain Dean instructed her to help her father. Despite her initial reluctance, she put Lee in the recovery position, and he started to breathe normally again. After they were rescued, Iain expressed his concerns about the children's welfare, their mother Kailey took custody of them. (CAS: Episode 1125)

Lee began harassing Kailey constantly to allow him to see his daughters. She eventually caved under the pressure and told Frankie about the visit. Terrified of coming into contact with Lee, she ran away. The following day, Frankie was found by Iain injured at the disused Toucan Towers play area, and she was subsequently taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for treatment. Lee later arrived and pulled Kailey away from Iain when she hugged him in relief after Frankie was stabilised. When Iain heard him disparaging Kailey's adequacy as a mother, he confronted Lee about his abuse. Lee then suggested that he had sinister ulterior motives, prompting Iain to pin him against a wall and assert that his family was better off without him. Fellow paramedic Ruby Spark pulled Iain away, and Lee declared that he intended to report him for his behaviour.

Following a motivational talk with Iain and his sister Gem, Kailey confronted Lee after he returned from making a complaint, claiming that he cared more about his "bruised ego" than his own daughter. They were granted permission to visit Frankie in ITU, but Kailey stopped Lee from seeing her and promised to give her daughters "the future they [deserved] without him". Lee subsequently left and dropped his complaint against Iain. (CAS: Episode 1134)

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