Leigh-Anne Carr is a female resident of Holby. She was Scott Ellisson's girlfriend until his death in 2017.


In April 2018, resisting being evicted from her flat, Leigh-Anne unintentionally crushed the debt collector's hand. After vacating her home, she was forced to take the bus when her car refused to start up. However, her waters suddenly broke, and she went in labour. Despite her pleading to go to St. James Hospital, Leigh-Anne was taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department. Following some minor complications caused by shoulder dystocia, her son Kiegan was born. Ethan Hardy was left in shock when she told him that the father was Scott Ellisson, his brother's killer. After hearing that Leigh-Anne had been evicted, he helped find her and Kiegan a new place to live. Later, on the wards, Ethan visited her, and she was thankful when he told her what he did. However, when he offered to help her look after Kiegan, she declined.[1]

Behind the scenes

Cassie Bradley portrayed Leigh-Anne on Casualty for seven episodes in 2018.


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