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Leon Cook (born 1994/1995) is a paramedic who worked for the Holby Ambulance Service. He was seconded to the Holby City Hospital ambulance station in October 2020 and left in May 2021 after failing to secure a full-time position.



In October 2020, Leon was seconded to the Holby City Hospital ambulance station. (CAS: Episode 1183)

Fling with Grace Beauchamp

In December, Leon was introduced to Grace Beauchamp who was waiting outside of the emergency department for her mother — Clinical Lead Connie Beauchamp. Grace claimed that she was a second-year medical student and agreed to meet up with Leon outside the ambulance station. Later, Grace took Leon home with her, and the two prepared to have sex, but Connie walked in on them, forcing Leon to leave. (CAS: Episode 1189) The next day, Connie confronted Leon at the ambulance station, told him that Grace was only 16, and warned him to stay away from her daughter. Later that day, Leon recommended to Grace that they stop seeing each other and took issue with her lying about her age, but Grace took the break-up badly and insisted that she was "dumping" him. (CAS: Episode 1190)

Move to London

In April 2021, Leon decided to apply for a vacant band 6 paramedic post in the Holby Ambulance Service, but Iain Dean — a more experienced paramedic — was also keen to secure the position. (CAS: Episode 1197) After all of the interviews were conducted, Iain was ultimately given the job, but he recommended Leon to a friend in London who worked in major trauma. (CAS: Episode 1198)


Behind the scenes

Bobby Lockwood portrayed Leon in Casualty from January to May 2021.