Li Na Chao is the mother of Lily Chao. She was married to Feng Chao until his death in 2015.

In October 2015, she called Lily to tell her that her father had died. Although she continued her shift as normal, she later let out her true emotions. The following week, she attended the funeral with Lily, where Lily said to her that her father wasn't proud of her. She disagreed and wanted to talk with Lily, but she insisted that she had to get back to work. Later on in the day, Li Na visited the ED and questioned Alicia on Lily's whereabouts. At this opportunity, she was able to get Lily to go with her for them to talk.

The following month, Li Na persistently texted Lily regarding what style of gravestone they should pick for her father's grave.

Behind the scenes

Daphne Cheung portrayed Li Na Chao for one episode of Casualty in 2015.

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