Lilley Maxwell is the daughter of Ernest Maxwell. In 2009 or 2010, she and Ernest stopped talking to each other. (CAS: Episode 1115)

In February 2019, dying from a dissected aneurysm, Ernest asked senior staff nurse Louise Tyler to contact Lilley if he passed away. Against Ernest's wishes, Louise asked Lilley to come to see him. She was still angry at him for not speaking to her and, when he couldn't promise that he would stay, she left him in resus. However, after Louise told her that Ernest could not promise to stay with her as he was dying, she returned to him and comforted him. As Ernest was being transported to theatre, his aneurysm ruptured and Lilley watched in horror as her father succumbed to his illness. After his death, she was furious at the hospital for not prioritising Ernest's case and not trying harder to resuscitate him. In the hospital carpark, she confronted Connie Beauchamp and told her that she was going to write a formal complaint. (CAS: Episode 1115)

Later that day, Lilley told Louise that she wasn't sure if she wanted to make a complaint. As she stood up, Louise pointed out that she had blood on her shoe, and Lilley explained that the stress she was experiencing induced a nosebleed. As Connie was assaulted shortly after Lilley confronted her, Louise became suspicious of her and asked to keep her on-site. Having organised to put Ernest's body in the chapel of rest, Louise took Lilley to see him and then called security. Louise informed her of Connie's assault and told her that the police wanted to speak to her. Angry, Lilley told her that she was going to contact her solicitor. However, after viewing footage from a nurse's body camera that proved Lilley was telling the truth, Louise apologised to her. Later, when Louise visited Ernest's body, Lilley forgave her. (CAS: Episode 1116)

Behind the scenes

Sacharissa Claxton portrayed Lilley on Casualty for two episodes in February 2019.


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