Liz Gage is a prison officer who works at HMP Stonehurst.


On 13 July 2019, Liz contemplated hiding an envelope of drugs in Carl Jenkins' cell but ultimately reconsidered. He angrily confronted and threatened her, but she ordered him to return to his cell. Suddenly, he put her in a headlock and pointed a shiv at her. When she refused to hand over the drugs, he stabbed her and started a prison riot. Carl's cellmate Stan Villiers and officer Matt Davies took her into his cell for her protection. Paramedics Jan Jenning and Iain Dean later arrived and took Liz to Holby City Hospital's emergency department.

In resus, registrar Archie Hudson discovered that Liz had fluid in the base of her left lung and prepared for a chest drain, but her sats began to drop drastically. Consultant Connie Beauchamp deduced that she was suffering from a tension pneumothorax and instructed Archie to remove one of Liz's wound dressings to relieve the pressure.

Later, she asked her husband Stephen to put the envelope behind the cistern in the disabled toilets. He realised that she had been dealing drugs and demanded to know why, and she explained that they were going to be repossessed. He reluctantly agreed to deliver the drugs, but he changed his mind and started a fight with Carl; they were both physically restrained by Will Noble and Jacob Masters. Later, Archie noticed that Liz's cannula was kinked, and Connie suggested flushing it with saline. Once Lisa "Duffy" Duffin arrived in the room, Connie asked her to administer the saline and directed her to one of two unlabelled syringes. However, Liz's speech started to slur, and she went into cardiac arrest; Duffy had used the syringe containing lidocaine. Realising her error, Connie ordered Marty Kirkby to retrieve a lipid emulsion. Liz was later moved to ITU. (CAS: Episode 1135)

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