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"Lost Boys" is the 167th episode of Casualty and the 15th episode of the 10th series.


A drunk driver causes an accident after a Christmas party and the female driver of the other vehicle is killed. PC Tony Poulson, attending the scene, tells Kate his wife was killed in similar circumstances two years previous. A minibus containing a group of choirboys is blinded by a tarpaulin at the scene and crashes into the river. One of the boys is washed away but John and Liz later find him. The priest with the group suffers a crisis of faith but finds his purpose restored when he helps a boy suffering from Tourette's, who ran away from an orphanage after the other boys picked on him. Tim comes to the hospital and tries to get Rachel to spend Christmas with him. Baz discovers she is pregnant; Rachel finds out and Baz tells her Peter isn't the father. Charlie and Baz attend the charity ball with Zoe and Peter respectively, and Ash and Laura make their relationship public.

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