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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Lost in the Rough" is the 575th episode of Casualty and the 34th episode of the 21st series.


Stitch ignores Nadia after their night of passion, but they are forced to work together when two war veterans, Tom and Reg, arrive in the emergency department. When Stitch invites Nadia up to the office for a bit of fun, Nadia can't resist. When Tom learns that his old friend Reg doesn't have long to live, he feels obliged to honour his friend's wish - to let him die with dignity. Nadia leaves Tom alone with Reg as she heads up to Stitch's office. Tess arrives in Resus to find that Tom has tampered with Reg's life-support equipment and leaves Guppy in charge while she goes for help. Tess bursts in to Stitch's office - and as they leave for Resus, Nadia crawls out from under the desk. When the medics fail to save Reg, Tess demands to know where Nadia was and she confesses that she was with Stitch in his office - but he denies they were together. Meanwhile, Dixie struggles with her feelings for Cyd, when Cyd asks for time off to go camping with Greg. And Selena discovers she's pregnant - but is the baby Harry's or Nathan's?