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"Love's a Pain" is the 60th episode of Casualty and the 8th episode of the 5th series. It was preceded by "Say it With Flowers" and followed by "A Will to Die". The episode was directed by Andrew Morgan and written by Sam Snape.


Duffy's let down by her child minder and is grateful to receptionist Helen's offer of help but then her mother arrives and agrees to take him. Julian has to operate on stab victim Reg to save his life, as his mother, Mavis arrives and Tony's got problems trying to fetch Reg's daughter Tina. When she finally turns up with a friend, Megan convinces her she's not to blame for his accident but her Gran does and they argue and she leaves. On her return the two agree to unite for Reg's sake and go to intensive care to see him. A wife gets caught with her boss by an unsuspecting husband and when he goes berserk, they all end up in casualty. Julian attends to John's injuries and he admits his affair with Diane, caused Gordon to attack him. As Gordon talks to Diane and the children, they're told John's dead and the police arrest him for murder. A young woman's attempted suicide is thwarted again but when her father arrives.

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