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"Love and Affection" is the 133rd episode of Casualty and the 5th episode of the 9th series.


Two sisters go to a Take That concert but one of them is injured in a crowd crush. The hospital staff eventually learn she has cystic fibrosis and the girls went without their parents' permission. She dies in theatre from a ruptured liver. A businessman, Rick, holds a dinner for the local MP and his wife but his wife, Brenda, cuts her hand on a broken glass. The staff learn she has had several similar injuries but Rick denies harming her; however, he later berates and belittles her in front of the staff and Dawn, the MP's wife. Brenda is diagnosed with depression brought on by his treatment of her, which has made her accident-prone. Kate fills Adam and Jude in on Mike's situation and Adam tells Matt; Mike is furious to discover it is common knowledge. A man named Partridge claims he was abducted and impregnated by aliens and saw William Shakespeare on their spaceship. A bulge on his stomach turns out to be shingles and a street poet dressed as Shakespeare appears in reception but as Partridge goes home the street lights around him flicker on and off.

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