Lucy Cooper is a paramedic who worked for Holby Ambulance Service from 1992 to 1994.

Time with the Ambulance Service (1992-94)

Lucy was first involved in treating patients after a major disaster when a plane crashed landed at Holby Airport in February 1992 (CAS: "Cascade") and also after a train derailed in September the following year. (CAS: "Cat in Hell") On Boxing Day 1993, Lucy nearly ran over the new hospital chaplain after he skidded out of a side road in front of the ambulance on his motorbike. He had minor injuries and was taken to Holby A&E by Josh and Lucy. (CAS: "Comfort and Joy") Two months later in February 1994, Lucy was taken hostage after she and Josh were called to a siege when a man is unhappy about his wife working as a masseuse. (CAS: "Grand Rational") She was released unharmed but badly shaken.

Behind the Scenes

Jo Unwin portrayed Lucy Cooper in several episodes of Casualty between 1992 & 1994 but wasn't a recurring cast member until the last four episodes of Series 8.


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