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"Made in Britain" is the 187th episode of Casualty and the 11th episode of the 11th series.


A girl, Ruby, is dropped off with an injured arm. New consultant Jack Hathaway defies procedure and resets it without contacting her parents. Baz and Jude learn Ruby and her sister Tina are working in a factory underage and she got her arm caught in a machine; the owner, Clark, gives her money to keep quiet and the staff are unable to convince her to report him. Matt and Jude agree to put their night together down to experience. At an old people's home, two old ladies, Mary and Binnie, are trying to stop their friend Jessie being moved away since they consider each other family. Jessie suffers a stroke and is rushed to hospital. Pregnant woman Faith is trying to get groom Owen to his wedding when she is nearly hit by a cyclist and Owen falls over and injures his wrist pulling her out of the way. Richard reveals he has osteoporosis, leaving him with brittle bones. Faith goes into labour and Richard, Gloria and Sam deliver the baby around the same time Jessie dies of a second stroke; Binnie suspects he is her reincarnation. It transpires that Owen is Faith's father not her fiancé when her partner Danny turns up; Faith has been trying to get her parents, Owen and Joy, to get married after decades living together, but they eventually conclude they are happy as they are. A man is brought in after falling off a roof and Jack drills burr holes despite Baz wanting to wait for the neurosurgeons.

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