Madiha "Mads" Durrani is a junior nurse from Pakistan. Working in the Emergency Department is her first job since leaving her home country.

Mads is a bit shy, due to being foreign and not understanding the stronger accents, such as Lenny Lyons' accent. Since she is new, she gets a bit lost and doesn't understand a few things. She doesn't understand the language fully either, not knowing what a sidekick is.

Time in the Emergency Department (2010-11)

Mads first day was a hectic one as there was a gunman on the loose, shooting people with an air rifle. She found the gunman in a corridor, without knowing it was him, and attempted to save him, dragging him along the floor to a phone to try and call for help, although the phone didn't work. Eventually, she was found and they got the patient to the ED.

Behind the scenes

Hasina Haque played Madiha Durrani on Casualty between 2010 and 2011.

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