Magdalena Spellbinder is a human resources professional who lives in Holby. In her free time, she practises alternative healing and works as a spiritual advisor and past life regressionist.

Biography Edit

In June 2019, Magdalena tried to soothe the arches of her feet with a wheat-filled heat bag. However, she got drunk and fell asleep, and the high temperature of the bag burnt the sole of her right foot. Several days later, she was admitted into Holby City Hospital's emergency department and was treated by consultant Dylan Keogh. She told him that she burnt her foot by unintentionally stepping on a hot lump of coal from her barbeque. When he suggested using larval therapy to treat her burn, she enthusiastically agreed, and staff nurse Jade Lovall administered the maggots.

After investigating the sensation in her foot, Dylan deduced that she was suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Magdalena admitted that she already knew about her condition and revealed the true circumstances of her injury. Later, Jade apologised for leaving her to speak to another patient, and Magdalena urged her to stop allowing Dylan to grind her down. Dylan subsequently returned and offered him literature about alcohol abuse, and she, in turn, offered him leaflets about how to behave towards other people. (CAS: Episode 1130)

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