Maggie Coomes (12 December 1953 - 26 May 2018) was a cancer patient who lived in Holby. She had been advised to take a special course of chemotherapy by Connie Beauchamp and the pair soon became friends.

In January 2018, Maggie learned that her breast cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and the chemotherapy was not working anymore. Connie, who was on the ward recovering from her heart surgery, overheard and suggested immunotherapy. However, she and her husband Ray were warned of the significant financial cost of the treatment. After Ray was admitted to the emergency department after experiencing heart block, she expressed to him her desire to end her treatment, much to his despair. She later lashed out at Connie after learning that Ray had spent all of their savings on her chemotherapy. However, Maggie and Ray later reconciled and agreed to end chemotherapy. On their way to the wards, Connie offered to purchase the couple's origami figures and gave them a cheque for a handsome sum of money. Grateful, Maggie hugged Connie before saying goodbye. (CAS: Episode 1069)

By May, her cancer had metastasised to her brain and she began to experience amnesia and bouts of aggression. One morning, she could not recognise Ray and tried to attack him with a knife. Panicked, Ray struck her on the head with a nearby object and, when he thought she was dead, tried to kill himself by overdosing on her prescription opiates. Maggie later regained consciousness and was found by Iain Dean and Sam Nicholls walking the streets disorientated. She later died by her husband's side. After her death, Connie was touched when she received a pet goldfish from her posthumously. (CAS: Episode 1084)

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