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"Make Believe" is the 198th episode of Casualty and the 22nd episode of the 11th series.


Charlie returns to work, having received a formal reprimand. Josh has also returned, having been staying with Liz and her husband, but breaks down on a shout when he can't bring himself to drive past the remains of his old house. Domenique, an old girlfriend of Richard's, joins the staff as a medical student but it turns out she has been letting her own blood to relive stress and she admits she doesn't really want to do medicine. A young mother, Kerry, brings in her critically ill son Daniel, who dies of meningitis. Office personnel officer Anita gets her friend Cassie the file of Jerry, a colleague she has feelings for. They see Jerry stabbed by a man who forces him to take part in a ram raid. Cassie tells the ambulance staff he is haemophiliac and he wonders how she knew; Anita smooths it over, claiming she looked up his file because of the injury, and Jerry asks Cassie out. Jack invites Baz to apply for a consultancy and Richard to apply for a registrar position; Richard tells him about his MS. At Matt's leaving do, he and Sam get into a fight with some pool players. Jude takes them back to the hospital to patch them up and they walk in on Jack and Jayne kissing. Matt and Jude share an emotional goodbye kiss.

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