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Making The Break was the ninth episode of Series 6 and the 74th episode of Casualty overall.


An old drunk upsets the team with his attitude after he injures a leg falling down the pub steps. His other leg is wooden. Trish is involved with a boy with human bite marks on his leg. It's the result of a human 'dog fight' that his father's friend forced him to take part in. Two nuns arrive one with a fractured nose after the other hit her with a pudding spoon in the convent kitchen during a row. A young blind girl is hit by a messenger on a bike. She regains her sight. A young girl finds her alcoholic mother collapsed in her bedroom. She dies in CRASH. Her workaholic father arrives and is unemotional at the loss of his wife. Charlie gives Kelly another talk, but Kelly becomes more fed up throughout the shift and ends up crying in the toilets. At home, Kelly takes a cocktail of pills and vodka.