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"Man Up" is the 1045th episode of Casualty and the 41st episode of the 31st series. It was preceded by "War of the Roses" and followed by "Somewhere Between Silences - Part One". The episode was directed by actor Shaun Evans and written by Suzanne Cowie.


Ethan discovers that Mickey is in a secret relationship with Jez, and he seeks to befriend the lad and turn him against his sibling. However, when Mickey proves to be too terrified to help, Ethan turns to blackmail instead, threatening to expose Jez and Mickey's relationship to Scott and Denise, earning disapproval from both Jez and Alicia. Eventually Jez agrees to help Ethan find some dirt on Scott, but only to help Mickey, and gives Ethan clear instructions to not let him find out.

Meanwhile, Connie pulls rank on Sam when he asks for time off to take Grace to a physiotherapy session, and later, Sam spots a chance to undermine Connie while treating a bride who mysteriously collapsed at the altar. It transpires that the bride had a dangerous parasite caught from her trip to Florida. Sam acts quick and orders the restricted medication without Connie's approval. She confronts him, but they eventually end up kissing in a locked storage cupboard.

Elsewhere, Louise heads up the planned trip to Calais for Cal's refugee fundraiser, and Dylan looks into online dating websites for David and the others.


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