Mariam Jemal (died 30 July 2017) was a Sudanese refugee.


Fleeing Sudan

While Mariam and her brother Sanosi were living in Sudan, a rebel group shot their mother in front of the team and captured their father; Once the Janjaweed arrived, they broke Sanosi's leg. After two weeks of walking through the desert, they arrived at the refugee camp in Darfur. Mariam and Sanosi later spent three weeks travelling to Libya and then Italy; they subsequently walked to France. (CAS: Episode 1049)


On 29 July 2017, Mariam and Sanosi, along with several other refugees, attempted to cross the English Channel in a small boat, but it soon sunk. After being rescued, they were transported to a small nearby camp. That night, Mariam left the camp to confront a group of people traffickers who she owed money, but they attacked her and dislocated her jaw. The following morning, she urged volunteer and doctor Dylan Keogh to help her and Sanosi cross the border, but he refused.

Later that day, Mariam and Sanosi left the camp with the smugglers and were taken to the docks. However, as the container they were hiding inside was being placed on a ship, the chains snapped, leaving it dangling. Dylan and nurse David Hide managed to rescue Sanosi, but Mariam lost her grip and fell. Dylan tried to save her, but she suffered an internal bleed and died. (CAS: Episode 1049) A few days later, the police buried Mariam's body in a cemetery close to the camp. (CAS: Episode 1050)

Behind the scenes

Adelaide Obeng portrayed Mariam on Casualty for one episode in 2017.

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