Marilyn Fox is the former executive director at Holby City Hospital. She departed in 2008. She was not very popular amongst the hospital staff, as she aided in trying to get rid of Harry Harper and Maggie Coldwell.

Marilyn’s bright, charming and beautifully dressed. She seems to be exactly what’s needed to bridge the great divide between management and the medical staff. Here’s someone the medical staff will respect who’ll really understand the reality of running a hospital as a business.

It’s Marilyn’s job to steer the strategic direction of the Trust and help shape its future in a changing environment. As well as being part of the board management team providing leadership, she’s responsible for planning and managing and controlling the budget for the hospital.

Marilyn uses her nursing background to gain street cred with the staff. She needed steel-like determination to get to where she is and her personal life has suffered.

Behind the scenes

Caroline Langrishe played Marilyn Fox on Casualty from 2007 until 2008.

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