Mark Calder is a Surgical Manager who worked in the Emergency department at Holby City Hospital from 1993 to 1994.

Time in the emergency department (1993-94)

Mark gets off to a bad start in his first few weeks at Holby. He tried to persuade Charlie and Mike they must lose a nurse then he received a harsh telling off from his manager about budgeting. In October, he offers Jane a job as General Manager for the Emergency department if she wants it. (CAS: "Good Friends") She politely accepts and the team are shocked when they find out two weeks later. (CAS: "Born Losers")

In early January, Mark calls a meeting in Charlie’s office where he announces that the casualty department at Queen’s is closing and that Holby is safe. (CAS: "United We Fall") A week later he tells Jane that he is leaving Holby, but does not say where his new job is. Jane is angry that he is leaving as she has to sort out all the problems in the department. She later sees a fax from Mark’s new employer which is a tobacco company. Ash storms to Mark's office to have words with him but finds he has already left the department. He has figured out the press release Mark had sent about Queen's A&E closing was a ploy to make the staff feel valued, rather than the fact their workload will actually increase. (CAS: "Tippers")

Behind the Scenes

Oliver Parked portrayed Mark Calder in Casualty from September 1993 to January 1994.


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