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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Mark Catley is an English television script writer known for his work on Casualty. He is a core writer for the show and has written thirty-four episodes to date. Catley's biggest episode is the second episode of the thirtieth anniversary celebrations, set to air around the end of August/beginning of September of 2016.

Episodes written

Episode Year
"The Miracle on Harry's Last Shift" 2007
"My First Day" 2007
"Charlie's Anniversary" 2007
"Finding the Words" 2007
"Behind Closed Doors" 2007
"Sex and Death" 2008
"Saturday Night Fever" 2008
"Farmead Menace - Part One" 2008
"Farmead Menace - Part Two" 2008
"My Last Day - Part One" 2008
"My Last Day - Part Two" 2009
"All You Need Is Love" 2009
"The Trap" 2009
"And Then There Were Three" 2009
"Leave Me Alone" 2010
"An Ugly Truth" 2010
"New Beginnings" 2010
"Entry Wounds" 2010
"Chaos Theory" 2010
"Partners" 2011
"The Memory of Water" 2013
"Valentine's Day Mascara" 2014
"Unhinged" 2014
"Home" 2014
"The Last Goodbye" 2015
"Heart Over Head" 2015
"Holby Sin City" 2015
"Belief" 2015
"All the Single Ladies" 2015
"Flutterby" 2015
"Home for Christmas" 2015
"Fatal Error - Part One" 2016
"Tangled Webs We Weave" 2016
"The Big Day" 2016
"The Good Samaritan" 2017