Mark Richie (born 1980/1981) is the estranged convicted child offender ex-husband of Rita Freeman. He first visited the ED in 2014 after having been badly assaulted whilst in prison. In early 2015 following their divorce, he once again ended up visiting the ED only for Rita to tell him it was over for good.


Whilst married to Rita, Mark was imprisoned for sexually assaulting a teenage girl. In August 2014, he returned to the ED after having been beaten up in prison and refused to have treatment unless he could speak to Rita who was in a meeting at the time. Many of the staff were shocked by the revelations as she had told them all that he was dead. Eventually, he left the ED after trying to get Rita back, but she said no. Rita was further angered by his reluctant attitude to signing their divorce papers. (CAS: "The Love You Take")

In January 2015 following the divorce, Mark returned to the ED after having been released from prison and at the same time that Connie's daughter Grace went missing, leading her to the assumption that Mark was responsible. This caused her to take out her anger on Rita, even after it was proven that Mark wasn't responsible. Rita made it clear that she wanted to have no further interactions with him. (CAS: "The Last Goodbye")

Mark once again returned to the ED in April 2016 following a car accident with his girlfriend, Fiona, who was already being treated by Rita in the ED. However, when the connection was drawn between them, it became apparent to Rita that Fiona was Mark's ex-pupil, and to Fiona that Rita was Mark's ex-husband. Fiona was found to be pregnant, but there was an abnormality as the fetus was growing outside the womb and wouldn't survive, and she would require surgery. Fiona eventually locked herself in Connie's office and refused treatment, but after a chat with Rita she had no choice as her condition quickly worsened. She eventually broke up with Mark following indirect advice from Rita which resulted in Mark confronting Rita at the end of the day and telling her that she's cold and heartless. (CAS: "Survivors")

The following week, Mark sent a threatening text to Rita, and trashed her room. He also lodged a complaint against her from a pretend patient in an attempt to ruin her life and career. (CAS: "A Clear Conscience") Towards the end of the month, Iain threatened Mark outside the ED, and he told Rita he came to apologise and left. (CAS: "Tangled Webs We Weave")

Behind the scenes

Joel Beckett portrayed Mark from 2014 to 2016 in Casualty.


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