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Martin "Ash" Ashford is a doctor and former senior consultant in the Emergency department at Holby City Hospital. In his 30s, Ash worked as a nurse at Holby City ED from 1990 to 1996. He left to teach at a local college after he was acquitted of physically attacking a racist patient, but returned briefly later in 1996 to marry Laura, a PR officer in the hospital.

In the intervening years Ash retrained as a doctor, eventually passing his exams and becoming a consultant. Ash and Zoe have differing management styles, but they soon bond in support of each other.

Although his marriage didn’t last Ash has a daughter, Ella. When she was a teenager, Ash had to put his foot down with her, but she still remained a rebellious and challenging presence in his life and the ED.

Doctor by trade, Ash is a nurse at heart and as such isn’t afraid to go to anyone who he thinks might help in a given situation, which gains him much respect. Ash is no pushover – he has strong opinions and is happy to say the things no one else will say. He’s also a pragmatist and a long-termist – able to see the bigger picture and stay calm in a crisis.


  • Originally joined Casualty on 7th Sept 1990.
  • In the interim, Ash had a stint as a resident in a Bronx ED.
  • Ash came back in S12 to act as best man at Baz and Charlie’s wedding.

Behind the scenes

Patrick Robinson has portrayed Ash in Casualty since his first appearance in 1990. After his departure in 1996, he did not appear again until 2013, when he returned as a doctor. In addition, he had a few one off appearances between his departure in 1996 and return in 2013.

The character made his final appearance in the episode "Solomon's Song" but had no actual on-screen exit, and the following episode "Next Year's Words" revealed Ash had left in-between that time.