Marty Williams is a resident of Holby. He was Elle Gardner's boyfriend for a short period in 2017.

In September 2017, Marty accompanied his daughter Daisy to the ED after she fell onto a kitchen knife. There, he met Elle and the two started to get along. However, when Marty proposed going on a date, Elle declined. He started to panic when Daisy was taken into resus after experiencing the side-effects of anti-malarial medication she had secretly taken in preparation for a humanitarian trip to Rwanda. Later, after Daisy was stabilised, Elle offered him to take him to The Hope & Anchor for a drink; he accepted. (CAS: Episode 1054)

The following month, Marty and Elle slept together. Later, he took himself to the ED after his groin became inflamed. His relationship with Elle began to fracture as they feared that it was the result of an STI. However, it transpired that he was suffering a severe allergic reaction to chilli powder that Blake put in his underwear. Blake later apologised to Marty and Elle formally introduced her boys to him. (CAS: Episode 1058)

In December, Elle told her sons that they were going to spend Christmas at Marty's house. Blake didn't take the news well and tried to contact his father. After receiving a message from Blake's school saying that he was absent, Marty went to the ED to inform Elle. Blake was later found, but a fight broke out between him and Marty. Later, Elle felt that Marty didn't love Blake and broke up with him. (CAS: Episode 1064)

Behind the scenes

Roger Griffiths portrayed Marty for three episodes in 2017.


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