Matt Davies is a prison officer who works at HMP Stonehurst.


Before becoming a prison officer, Matt tried to join the army to follow in the footsteps of his father and brothers, but he was turned down for being too soft.

On 13 July 2019, when his colleague Liz Gage was held in a headlock and threatened with a shiv by inmate Carl Jenkins, Matt tried to help her, but Carl's accomplices wrestled and pinned him to the ground, injuring his arm in the process. Once he was released, he and prisoner Stan Villiers carried Liz into his cell for protection. They were later taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for treatment.

Matt visited Stan in his cubicle and thanked him for helping him and Liz, but Stan insisted on not receiving a commendation for his actions and resisted treatment. Outside, he explained to Lisa "Duffy" Duffin that Stan had been refusing to accept letters, visits or privileges, and he had implored him to make an appointment with the prison doctor. Later, when it transpired that Stan had developed lung cancer, Matt urged him to think of his family and assured him that he was a good person, but Stan reminded him of the severity of his crimes and called him a "joke". However, after he and Duffy showed him photographs of his family, Stan reconsidered and decided to receive treatment for his cancer. (CAS: Episode 1135)

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