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Matthew "Matt" Strong is a former consultant anaesthetist in the Emergency Department of Holby General Hospital. He joined the department in February 2010, and left just over two months later.

Hearts are beating a little faster in Casualty this month as a trio of dashing new doctors joins the Emergency Department to set female pulses racing and threaten the equilibrium of the department. Gowning up for medical action are Hotel Babylon hunk Raymond Coulthard as Matt Strong, an anaesthetist whose bedside manner turns the head of feisty Zoe; rising star Robert Boulter as Kieron, a new F2 who melts ice-queen May but is harbouring a big secret; and much-lauded actor Michael Maloney as Howard Fairfax, a consultant whose surgical savvy impresses the heroically high-maintenance Ruth.

Behind the scenes

Raymond Coulthard played Matt Strong in Casualty in 2010.

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