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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Matthew Barry is a Welsh television writer known for his work on Casualty. Matthew began scripting episodes for Casualty back in 2012, when his first episode aired back in Series 26. Since 2012, Matthew has written 11 episodes for Casualty, of which four of his episodes are especially notable.

In 2014, Matthew wrote an episode entitled "Return to Sender". This episode saw the surprise return of well-established character Dylan Keogh. Fans were unaware of the character's return up until the episode aired itself. Then, in 2015, Matthew wrote one of the show's most memorable episodes ever, when Zoe Hanna married Max Walker. His latest aired episode was titled "Buried Alive" and this saw a dramatic stunt involving characters Connie Beauchamp and Jacob Masters. His biggest episode to date will air on 27 August 2016, which will celebrate thirty years of Casualty with a feature length 110-minute episode.

Episodes written

Episode Year
"Teenage Dreams" 2012
"The Last Chance Saloon" 2014
"Go Out and Get Busy" 2014
"Return to Sender" 2014
"Feeling Good" 2014
"Knock Knock Who's There?" 2015
"Forsaking All Others - Part Two" 2015
"Avoidable Harm" 2015
"Black Alert" 2016
"Buried Alive" 2016
"Too Old for This Shift" 2016