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Maxine "MaxMcGerry is a consultant neurosurgeon who serves as Holby City Hospital's medical director and head of neurosurgery. She previously served as the hospital's acting chief executive officer from 2019 to 2021.


Early life

At some point before 2013, Max began working at St James' Hospital as a consultant neurosurgeon and became the hospital's head of neurosurgery. (HC: "Hope Is a Powerful Drug")

Ric Griffin's brain tumour

In October 2019, Max visited Holby City Hospital to treat a long-term patient of hers named Casey Fresle who had neurofibromatosis. General surgeon Ric Griffin, who had previously met Max at a conference in Oxford and was a follower of her work, approached her about operating on his benign meningioma. Max proposed using high-intensity focused ultrasound to boil the tumour, but fellow consultant Serena Campbell objected to the experimental nature of the procedure and its high mortality rate. Ric ultimately decided to pursue the HIFU. (HC: "Hope Is a Powerful Drug") The following week, Ric underwent the procedure, but Max was forced to perform a craniotomy and remove the tumour manually when his brain started swelling. Despite a series of major complications, Max managed to remove the excise the tumour. (HC: "Promise")

Appointment as acting CEO

In November, Max was appointed as Holby City Hospital's acting chief executive officer, but she was keen to keep her new role a secret so she could observe how the hospital normally functioned. She was mortified to discover that Ric's colleagues had allowed him to keep working despite noticing his neurological symptoms, and she decided to launch an investigation into the suspicious death of a patient on Darwin. (HC: "Sandra's Choice")

Behind the scenes

Jo Martin has portrayed Max on Holby City since October 2019.