Megan "Meg" Stuart is the mother of Diane Stuart. She visited the ED in February 2016 hours after her daughter's death.


Shortly after her daughter's death, Meg was informed about her daughter's death and was escorted to the ED with the police. Once there, she kept asking various members of staff including Rita Freeman to assure her that Diane's death was painless, to which they all assured her it was. Towards the end of Lofty's shift and shortly before his interview with Michael Hall, Meg shared a ride in the lift with him. Despite realising it was Diane's mother, he didn't confess to being at the scene when it happened and simply apologised for her loss.

In March, Meg returned to the ED after Diane's teenage daughter Lana was admitted. They weren't on good terms but eventually she was able to convince her to accept help for her psychological problems.

Behind the scenes

Sharon Duce portrayed Meg Stuart for two episodes of Casualty in March 2016. Despite this, her character's first encounter in the ED took place on 27 February on the show, due to the fact that the episode "Fatal Error - Part Two" took place on the same day as the first part.

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