Mia Bellis (died 30 July 2018) was a young woman who lived in Holby. Tormented by relentless suicidal thoughts, she was known by the Holby Ambulance Service as a "frequent flyer". In July 2018, Mia jumped from a footbridge onto the Holby dual carriageway, causing a major pileup which killed six others; she later died in hospital as a result of her injuries.


Early life

At some point, Mia entered a relationship with Alasdair "Base" Newman, and the two started living together. She was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression. (CAS: Episode 1093)


In July 2018, Mia made six calls to the ambulance service concerning suicidal tendencies, but she was deemed not to be at immediate risk of self-harm each time. However, on the 29th, Mia claimed that she had taken an overdose, and Base called for an ambulance; when the paramedics arrived, they realised that she had lied about the overdose to get their attention. Despite her unease at being left alone, Iain Dean believed that she was not at immediate risk of hurting herself and left to tend to another patient.

Later that night, Mia threw herself off a footbridge overseeing Holby's dual carriageway, causing Iain's ambulance and several other vehicles to crash. Once she was taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for treatment, the resus team managed to stabilise her breathing, but they later suspected that she was bleeding into her pelvis. Despite undergoing a REBOA, Mia arrested and later died. (CAS: Episode 1093)

Behind the scenes

Simona Zivkovska portrayed Mia on Casualty for one episode in 2018.

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