Michael Ambrose is a former trial patient of neurosurgeon John Gaskell. Michael was suffering from a spindle cell tumour that was compressing his spinal cord, which resulted in paralysis and excruciating back pain. By resecting the tumour and inserting a matrix laced with progenitor cells, Gaskell managed to reduce the severity of Michael's paralysis.


On 5 December 2017, Gaskell moved Michael to Holby City Hospital to insert the spinal implant, but Michael collapsed en route as a result of his autonomic system shutting down. In the theatre on Darwin Ward, Jac managed to ligate and bypass the blood supply to the tumour using an aortic graft, but Michael began to have an immune response when Gaskell introduced the matrix's growth medium which caused the artery of Adamkiewicz to become unclipped. Jac managed to stop the bleed with a pledget, and Gaskell successfully inserted the implant. On ITU, Gaskell's colleagues were left stunned when Michael began to move his toes, showing that the procedure was a success. (HC: "Group Animal - Part One")

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