Michelle Gibson (died 28 July 2019) was a woman who resided in Holby.


Michelle's mother was a friend of Holby City Hospital consultant Connie Beauchamp, and Michelle would occasionally visit her house to babysit Grace. However, at some point, she became addicted to heroin and started to taking methadone to combat it. Unfortunately, chemist Kostas Anatoly would offer her excessive doses, and this resulted in her also becoming addicted to methadone.

On 28 July 2019, Michelle held Kostas at knifepoint and demanded that he fill her bag with methadone and money from the till. Connie - unaware of what was happening - visited the pharmacy to hand in a diazepam prescription, but she was confronted by registrar Archie Hudson who had found out about her addiction. When Archie decided to call the police, Michelle threatened Kostas and ordered her not to call them. As Kostas went to retrieve the pharmacy's safe, Michelle caught Archie dialling "999" on her phone and approached her with the knife, but Connie managed to convince her to accept treatment for her fever and infected track marks. Michelle thanked her and revealed that she used to babysit Grace. However, Kostas became enraged when she told Connie that he contributed to her addiction and attacked her with a baseball bat. Michelle slashed his arm, and Archie wrestled her to the ground, sustaining a stab wound in the process. Michelle profusely apologised and fled, fearing that the police would arrive and detain her.

Later, Michelle was found unresponsive and taken to the emergency department for treatment. Connie was mortified when she saw her being taken into resus, and she was saddened to learn that she had died of a methadone overdose. (CAS: Episode 1138)

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