Miles Kane Ashworth (born 1 October 2000) is a resident of Holby. He is a former friend of Blake Gardner.

In December 2017, Blake ditched school to drink at Miles' house with a few other friends. When they ran out of vodka, they convinced Blake to rob an off-licence. When Blake followed through and got injured in the process, they taunted him and drove away. Later, after Blake was treated, Miles and his friends picked him up from the ED to go to a party. (CAS: Episode 1064)

In January 2018, Miles convinced Blake to play the 'knife game' with a compass, which resulted in Blake accidentally stabbing his hand and being admitted to the ED. Miles came to visit Blake, but Jacob confiscated his phone and found a video of him encouraging Blake to play the game. Later, when Miles demanded Jacob to return his phone, Jacob pinned him against the wall and warned him not to mess with Blake. (CAS: Episode 1067) Later that day, Blake came to spend the night at his house, and the two smoked cannabis. The following morning, the two argued and, when Miles insulted Blake's patients, he punched him, causing him to hit his head. Blake soon called for an ambulance and accompanied Miles to the hospital. Miles later regained consciousness and remembered that Blake punched him, but he subsequently started fitting. Scans showed that his brain was mildly bruised, but his symptoms were exacerbated by the drugs he had taken. Later, Miles told the police that Blake attacked him, and the latter was promptly arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm. (CAS: Episode 1068)

In February 2018, on the morning of Blake's trial, Miles smoked cannabis, which triggered a seizure. Although it was initially speculated that the seizure was linked to the assault, a urine test showed the presence of THC, absolving Blake of causing further harm. (CAS: Episode 1071)

Behind the scenes

Finney Cassidy portrayed Miles on Casualty for four episodes from December 2017 to February 2018.


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