Mina Bartram (born 1984/1985) is a lawyer who resides in Holby.


Painkiller addiction

In 2016, Mina fractured his right ankle in a skiing accident and was taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for treatment. She was prescribed co-codamol to help deal with the pain, but, once the prescription finished, she bought more elsewhere. (CAS: Episode 1124)

Seeking help

In April 2019, in order to be eligible to adopt a child, Mina suddenly stopped taking the drugs. Three days later, she arrived late at Edwalton Courthouse to represent her client Julie Barry who wanted to regain custody of her children. Once the court was adjourned for ten minutes, Mina's intern Shona Collins noticed that she was short of breath.

On their way to the bathroom, Mina apologised to Shona for arriving late. Shona assured Mina, who was visibly sick, that she could cover for her, but she refused, insisting that the case was too important to be used as a learning curve. They continued to argue until Mina's vision became blurred, and she collapsed in a cubicle. Shona noticed her blood running into her cubicle and called for help.

Mina was subsequently taken to the ED, but she resisted treatment and refused all offers of medication. Once she was taken for a CT scan, she asked Shona to cover for her in court. Later, Charlie Fairhead tried to administer a local anaesthetic in order to treat her head injury, but she pushed him and demanded to be allowed to go back to the courthouse. However, her head wound started to bleed profusely, and she collapsed, leading Charlie and David Hide to believe that her symptoms extended beyond those of a head injury. Shortly after, Shona returned with Mina's bag, claiming that it was "full of pills", and Rashid Masum decided to treat her symptoms as those of drug withdrawal. Writhing in pain, she admitted to purchasing drugs following her skiing accident.

Later, Shona entered resus and informed Mina that the courts had issued a temporary care order for Julie's children's foster parents and explained that most of her notes did not pertain to the case. When Shona told her that she was sick of hearing about her brilliance, Mina confronted her and posited that her career had not progressed due to her apathy towards the plights of her clients. Once Shona left, Mina asked Charlie if she could be left alone for a minute - in his absence, she secretly took more co-codamol.

Outside the department, Rash spotted Mina walking out, and he warned her that she was killing herself by not seeking help. She explained that her clients needed her, but he asserted that they needed her to be fit and healthy. She then decided to return back inside and sought professional help. (CAS: Episode 1124)

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