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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Mistakes Happen" is the 867th episode of Casualty and the 44th and final episode of the 27th series. The events of the episode took place directly after the previous weeks, on 13 July.


The prison riot escalates, putting both Tom and Jeff in grave danger, while at the hospital Tess treats two young sisters who bear a great burden for such small shoulders. But the nurse also has her own personal problems to worry about - namely the fact she has fallen pregnant to a married colleague.

Paramedics Jeff and Dixie are at the prison tending to Tom’s jailed dad, Peter, who has heart problems, and Tom insists on being there too.

While Dixie goes to fetch the trolley from the ambulance, Tom and Jeff are in the jail’s sick bay with Peter when the earlier disturbance among the inmates kicks off into a full-scale riot, after a prisoner manages to steal a warder’s keys.

The governor orders an emergency lockdown until back-up arrives, leaving Tom and Jeff locked inside with the angry rioters!

All the paramedics make it out alive, and Dixie is asked out on a date by the by the prison warder!

Elsewhere, Tess treats two young sisters and makes a decision regarding her secret pregnancy. She can’t keep married lover Fletch’s baby!