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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Momentum" is the 768th episode of Casualty and the 34th episode of the 25th series. It was preceded by "Before the Fall" and followed by "Deception". The episode was directed by Richard Platt and written by Paul Louge. It is set in real-time, thus covers an exact 50 minutes in the emergency department. The episode features the death of paramedic Polly Emmerson, portrayed by Sophia Di Martino.


Polly has been stabbed by the unstable Hannah and is bleeding in the basement. Hannah finds Dylan to explain but he won't listen. And he's hidden his dog, Dervla, in the basement, so is reluctant to let anyone go down there.

Dylan becomes concerned when Polly fails to return his calls and, when her phone is found in Hannah's cubicle, Dylan confronts Hannah, who pulls a bloody knife on him. Alarmed, he orders Jay to go down to the basement and discovers that Polly's been hurt.

Informing the rest of the team, they rush down and bring Polly up to resus. However, Nick's attempts to save her prove to be futile, and she dies.


  • The episode takes place between 20:50 and 21:40 on a Saturday.
  • The episode takes place on the same day as "Before the Fall".
  • Polly's death is declared at 21:32.

Behind the scenes


This episode is unique in the fact that it took place in 'real-time'. This means that instead of episode cutting between points of time in the day, it covers a continuous period of 50 minutes (the length of the program). Because of this unique perspective, the camera had to follow characters as they walked though the department, allowing viewers to see certain areas of the hospital for the first time. One such area is the corridor linking the main ED to the Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU).

Time of airing

It is believed that this episode was intended to air at 20:50. This is because Polly's time of death is declared at 21:32, exactly 42 minutes into the real-time episode. The episode in fact aired at 21:20, meaning the in-universe timings were behind by thirty minutes. Template:Series 25