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"Monday, Bloody Monday" is the 199th episode of Casualty and the 23rd episode of the 11th series.


Josh feels responsible after hearing the fire was down to wear and tear on the gas pipes to the boiler. Jude is missing Matt and David tries to convince her to follow him to Crete. Josh and Liz are called out to Carol, a woman has drunk anti-freeze, but she refuses to go with them and they have to wait until she is unconscious. Although the staff save her, she says she will just try again. Her neighbour Helen admits they haven’t spoken since Carol's daughter was killed in a car crash when Helen was driving; Kate convinces her to speak to her. An attempt to take Carol to the wards goes wrong when equipment fails and Charlie lectures Kate, Jude and agency nurse Justine for not checking it. Jayne has a minor accident in the car crash when she runs into a car containing two old ladies, Edith and Marjorie. A mole on Marjorie’s neck is non-malignant but Edith collapses and dies while leaving. Andy, a man who took a drug overdose, dies in Resus. His stepdaughter Alice comes to the hospital and Jude takes her to see the body. Kate deals with brawling couple Clifford and Ruby; Ruby threatens her with a knife but she declines to press charges. Ken, a man with manic depression, parades around the department half-naked believing himself to be an Aztec and then disappears. Jude is found bleeding to death after she is stabbed.

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