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"Mother's Little Helper" is the 188th episode of Casualty and the 12th episode of the 11th series.


A deaf girl, Rachel, arrives home to find her pregnant mother, Linda, collapsed. She tries to go to Mrs Desai, an Asian woman who runs a local shop, for help but is attacked by their rottweiler dog in their yard and rushed to hospital. There, Sam communicates with her by sign language and sends an ambulance for Linda. She goes into premature labour and the baby dies. Mrs Desai, who had initially lied to the police, eventually has the dog taken away. She tells Jude she and her husband were abandoned by their families after marrying without permission and he now has dementia; Jude arranges for Rachel and Linda to stay with them. Baz goes home to be with Louis when she learns he has an ear infection. Charlie helps Matt deal with the fall out of losing his temper with a troublesome patient. Overbearing mother Rita is organising her daughter Brenda's wedding, while her husband Ralph is reluctant to stand up to her. Groom Mark has a fit during the vows. Sam is chastised by Charlie for telling his family he has epilepsy before a diagnosis has been made, but Jack tells them he will have to give up his job driving coaches. Rita faints after abusing over the counter tranquilisers, so Ralph arranges to take over Mark's job and has Mark and Brenda married at the hospital, convincing Rita it was her idea.

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