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"Mum's the Word" is the 723rd episode of Casualty and the 37th episode of the 24th series.


Lenny’s cockiness knows no bounds as he thinks the Fellowship is in the bag. However, he’s brought back down to Earth with a bump when his patient dies of a mysterious virus.

With Yuki ruling himself out of Fellowship contention, Lenny’s convinced it is his. Swaggering around the ED, his confidence is soaring until one of his patients is diagnosed with a degenerative disease and another dies suddenly and inexplicably. Could this be another incidence of the mysterious Cryptococcsis virus? Devastated and perplexed, Lenny is determined to get to the bottom of the cause and prove himself again.

Elsewhere, Ruth uses her surgical training to provide hope for a terminal patient. Knowing full well she’ll only make an enemy of an eminent surgeon, she pesters him unflaggingly until he finally concedes to her view.

Meanwhile, Jordan is still in high spirits and fixated on the idea of having children. Zoe desperately tries to distract him with anything other than the truth – that she can’t have children. When told a medical procedure could give her a one-in-four chance of being able to conceive, Zoe dismisses the idea. She’s doctor material, not a mother. But her heart is set on Jordan…

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