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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Natural Selection" is the 793rd episode of Casualty and the 12th episode of the 26th series.


Dixie's unhappy when she's forced to take a call during her break, especially when it appears to be a hoax. She tells Louise in no uncertain terms that it's not safe for them to work continuously with no breaks.

Frightened young girl Esther comes into the ED and her "mother", Saskia, takes an instant dislike to Dylan. Dylan soon realises that Saskia is not all she seems, but goes beyond the call of duty to help Esther. But just how have Saskia and Dylan met before?

A group of youngsters plan a revenge attack on a drug dealer but their scheme goes horribly wrong. Louise takes the emergency call for a shooting but Dixie refuses to go as she's on a break. As the victims are brought in, Dixie is horrified to learn that one patient has paid the ultimate price...


  • The episode takes place on a Saturday.
  • Due to a lack of reference, it is unlikely that the episode takes place on Saturday, 5 November 2011.


Main Characters
Recurring Characters
Azuka Oforka as Louise Tilney
Other Characters
Tara Hodge as Cally Bryant
Oliver Stark as Kyle DeNane
David Lonsdale as Billy Waite
Polly Dartford as Esther Waite
Robyn Moore as Saskia Welch
Frank Keogh as Den Bates
Sophia Leonie as Rae Heron