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"Negative Equity" is the 134th episode of Casualty and the 6th episode of the 9th series.


Rachel is increasingly paranoid and is avoiding dangerous shifts and duties, but with Kate wanting time off for his wedding anniversary Adam has to miss his daughter Jessica's birthday party. His former wife Emma brings in Jessica to see him at the hospital. Eddie bumps into a cleaner who later complains of headaches and sends her for a CT scan, which shows she has an aneurysm. The woman leaves before she can get her results and Kate convinces Eddie to follow her home and bring her back to the hospital. A gay man, Rhys, is attacked by an old enemy, Philip, and calls his ex-boyfriend Danny, who is now engaged to Sylvie, for support. Philip shoots Rhys and Josh calls for helicopter support which Mike and Rachel supply. Rachel gives Mike advice on getting divorced. Danny decides to go back to Rhys and Philip knocks Rachel over while fleeing from the police.

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